linden place

once upon a dream

sometimes – you know – sometimes …
… you feel like lying down to disconnect from everything, leaving the world behind you, watching it from a safe distance.
doesn’t this feeling make you want to runaway?
maybe we’re just living an illusion anyway …

the lost colors of a divided society

sometimes, life is just about dreamin’ in color.
so, in some way, the postmodern monochrome paintings can be seen as [beautiful] manifestation of one or the other daydream.
so ask yourself: is this how my daydreams feel alike? if not, it might be time to start dreamin’ in color.

eternal city lights

the hidden magic of the simple things

have you seen the world through the eyes of a lover?
and have you felt that love with a heart full of happiness?
then [and only then] you might have seen the magic of the simple things and the hidden beauty of the ordinary.
so, anyway – can you see it in these paintings?


just the way it is - as it always has been

some things are perfect just the way they are – and we gotta accept that.